Want to be a Chief Robotics Officer? Don't bother asking your careers adviser.

John P. Johnson/HBO

John P. Johnson/HBO

There aren’t many individuals on LinkedIn carrying this specific job title (in fact, I only found about a dozen, primarily at specialist IT and tech companies). Yet it is set to be one of the key C suite roles over the coming ten years.

It is predicted that 60 percent of companies will have a Chief Robotics Officer by 2025. In sectors where robotics and automation are to play a significant role, such as farming, logistics and healthcare, the CRO will have a similar status to that of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) within two to three years.

The challenge we have as a society, unfortunately, is that the information and guidance provided to our young people lags behind to such an extent that it will probably be another ten years before the role even starts to get a mention by careers advisory services as a potential career path.

As business leaders and talent managers, we need to get into schools – and I mean primary as much as secondary – to give focus and shape to the dreams of our children. It’s in society’s interest and theirs to give them an insight into how an interest in electronics, engineering and human/IT interaction can lead to an exciting and fulfilling career.  Perhaps the first step is to create a self updating robotic careers adviser…