We’ll keep this short as you probably have an entertaining match to watch. It's worth a read as it impacts you if your business holds ANY customer data.

By the end of this season, significant and far reaching data protection regulation will come into force. These new requirements supercharge the current Data Protection Act and should currently be a key management focus, whatever sector you are in.

As a business owner, director or accountable person for the retention and use of your customers' and staff's personal data, at the very least you should have seen, and preferably be now acting upon, your GDPR compliance plan.

We cannot emphasise enough that this is more than just a task for your IT or marketing departments. Such is its potential to impact on a businesses that it could genuinely affect your ability to meet your strategic objectives.

Check out whether you can answer these seven key questions:

  • Where is ALL our customer data held, including geographical location of “cloud” servers, where such services are used?
  • Who, including suppliers, partners and overseas subsidiaries, has access to our customer data AND how do they use it?
  • What specific permissions have ALL our customers given us to contact them (including by what means, such as text, email, telephone and in writing)?
  • How accurate is our customer data?
  • What are the origins of our customer data – where did we acquire it and from whom?
  • How geared up are we to respond to the new Subject Access Request process?
  • How good is our protection against cyber attack, for example, how reassuring were our last penetration testing results?

If you are on top of it, well done. If you feel it would be useful to have a conversation to check that you haven’t missed anything or would like some specialist advice in a particular area, please get in touch

Your risk management is our business.

Enjoy the game.

This page was originally linked to from an advertisement for the Leicester Tigers vs Bath Rugby matchday programme. 

Photo credit: Peter Howell/iStockPhoto